Multi User Access

How to Add Multiple Users to Your Account

This guide will help you add multiple users to your G&R publisher or advertiser account. Please note that you must add users for each specific website or campaign. Multiple user access is not available for your entire account.

1. Log-in to your account at

2. If you want to add a user to one of your advertising campaigns, navigate to your advertiser dashboard. (

3. Click the Settings Tab on the left side of the screen.

4. Click “Create Access” button

5. On the “Add New User Access” screen, type the email of the person you’d like to have access to your campaign. This person must already have an account with G&R.

6. In the drop down menu, choose which campaign you’d like the person to have access to. When this person logs into their account, the campaign will show up on their advertiser dashboard.

7. If you are a publisher and would like to give someone access to your website information, follow the steps above, but from the publisher dashboard. (


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