Fill Rate

What does FILL RATE refer to?

Fill Rate refers to the rate at which we were successfully able to serve ads on a given website. This is also sometimes called Sell Through Rate.

Why don't ads always show up on my site?

Ad Networks like G&R must constantly balance relationships with Publisher websites and Advertisers. If not enough people want to advertise, the fill rate will be less than 100%. Sometimes advertisers only want to reach certain audiences - for example, only people visiting a website from the UK. If this happens, your site will have a 100% fill rate for people visiting from the UK but not necessarily for people visiting the site from anywhere else.

What is G&R doing to make my fill rate 100%? 

G&R works hard everyday to sign on more advertisers. We also making deals with international ad networks to serve "backfill ads" when our ad inventory is low.

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