Can't See G&R Banner Ad

Every time a page loads on one of G&R Ad Network’s partner sites, that page sends a unique ad request to G&R’s servers. G&R’s servers make a real-time decision on which to ad to serve based on the following criteria plus much more:
  • User
  • cookie & IP address
  • timestamp
  • location
  • Publisher
  • site name & page location
  • expected click-through rate of the ad position
  • Advertiser
  • expected budget & impression delivery for campaign
  • site targeting
  • location targeting
  • expected click-through rate of the ad banner 

The same ad position on our publisher sites will receive a variety of ads and the decision on which to serve depends on the factors above plus more. 

The most important criteria for seeing your ad is really the amount of impressions you have booked versus our total available inventory. 

G&R Ad Network is serving over 5 million impressions each day and if you have 50,000 impressions booked for a day across all our sites, your ad will show 1 out of every 100 times an ad shows on our network.
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