Ad Groups

Ad groups are groups of ads that are similar. Within one campaign, you can have multiple ad groups. For example, if the goal of your ad campaign is to advertise a dessert business, you might have one ad group for cookies, one ad group for brownies, one ad group for cake, etc. Each ad group can be targeted to a different audience using different keywords.


How to Create an Ad Group for a G&R Campaign

1. Log-in to your account at and navigate to your advertiser dashboard ( To create an ad group, you should have already created a campaign. Please see our Campaign Walkthrough for help creating a campaign.

2. Click “New Desktop Ad Group +”

3. Start by selecting a goal. Do you want your ads to show on desktop computers or mobile?

4. Next choose a targeting profile. All Network means your ads will be shown on all websites in our network to visitors from around the world. Custom Targeting allows you to choose specific websites or locations in the world. Custom Location allows you to choose specific locations only.

5. Select which of your pre-made campaigns you would like this ad group to be attached to.

6. Give a descriptive name to your ad group.

7. Further define your targeting based on which targeting profile you chose.

8. Set a budget for your ad group. Remember, this is drawing funds from your campaign budget, not from your account in general. Add more funds to your campaign budget first, if you need to.

9. Finally, choose whether you’d like to advertise on a CPM or CPC pricing model. In CPM, you pay per 1000 impressions of your ad. In CPC, you pay only when your ad is actually clicked.

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