G&R Can Help With Your Campaign Creatives

G&R offers limited design support to launch ad campaigns but we are not a design agency. We can refer you to any of our Authorized Agency Partners (AAP) for more in-depth design assistance. 

Banner Design: For advertisers and agencies requiring support to create rich media ad units, the G&R design team can help. Our experienced team of designers and engineers can build all kinds of display creatives, ranging from standard static banners, flash animation, rich media (e.g. expandables) to in-banner video. Our design philosophy is based on creating ads that deliver the intended advertiser message effectively, using eye-catching yet clean design and sophisticated technology to drive engagement. 

Micro Sites: G&R can help create mini sites or landing sites for your ads to help convert more users to your product or site. Our focus is on “closing the loop,” i.e. driving conversions from the traffic generated from advertising campaigns.
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